Killer Calves - From Neglected To Respected

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Why can't I grow my calves!?

I had no calves in my early training days. As I saw my other muscle groups grow my calves lagged even more showing an increased gap in overall body symmetry and proportions. Someone even said to me in the gym once 'You just need a mean set of calves to match the rest of you' remember distinctly exactly where I was and who said this to me. It was just a passing comment to him but to me it was probably the comment I needed as I was conscious of them and was training my calves once a week brutally with very minimal to no progress. From that moment I decided something had to change in my calf training as the rest of me was only going to grow and I was self conscious enough about them already at this point, I wouldn't even wear thongs because of how small my calves looked.

Fast forward 15 years and in the past year I was walking along the esplanade in Burleigh Heads and someone turned around to me and said 'good calves bro!' I causally thanked him and kept walking. This was the best feeling ever. Better than any other body part compliment I have ever gotten because I know how hard I worked for them. Even better my friend was with me at the time and knows how hard I work on my calf training. These workouts are exactly how I did it and continue to do to this very day.


"Just 10 minutes a week - the best short-term investment for your future self. Start now and thank yourself later. I certainly have"