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I have been journaling since I was a kid,

My Opa influenced me here as he journaled every day of his life and has journals dated and in order dating all the way back from the 1940's. A remarkable effort. I remember when we visited he sat down calmly every morning after breakfast and wrote in his lined book. I was always curious about this and wanted to copy him as he was always so calm and immersed in the activity. He bought me a mini journal and I started writing down things like the weather, what I had for meals, what I did during the day and if I had any arguments with my parents or sister lol. I enjoyed this and always knew deep down it was something special. Little did I know how much this would serve me later on. I was slowly laying down the foundation for a very disciplined and structured life where I learned to expand on this skill and reverse engineer my craziest goals, manifest businesses, learn gratitude practices, set intentions and see my emotions from a birsdeye perspective.

I encourage all of you to make this part of your routine. It can be done daily or even weekly. Just as long as it's consistent it will keep you opening up the pages of your life. I have a journaling guide which you can download to help you get started as there are a few different styles I have learned over the years and each style is used for a different purpose. This is how I have done it and still do to this day. You will be amazed by what can be unlocked by this process. Probably my most powerful tool.

I also like to write in something cool, leather bound books or something that enhances the overall experience. Much more than just a notepad. I currently write in these. Hard cover and blank lined pages. They are really well put together and the perfect size to take with you anywhere:


  • Hard 3D embossed cover both visually pleasing and robust
  • A5 Size makes it perfect to take anywhere (14.5cm x 21.5cm)
  • 100 lined inner pages
  • Cream & Rustic page colour change every 20 pages for that ancient feel
  • Ribbon bookmark so you can pick up exactly where you left off
  • Date stamps at the top of each page so you can timestamp your life
  • Choose from copper or silver in each captivating design

Grab yours today and take the next step to unlocking your life, I promise you will never look back once you incorporate journaling into your life.

Daniel Meffan.


"Just 10 minutes a week - the best short-term investment for your future self. Start now and thank yourself later. I certainly have"