Muscle Methods - My Exact Workout Routines

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As a former Personal Trainer/ Strength and Conditioning coach for the worlds top Tennis athletes traveling the world, 20+ years of learning, fine tuning my nutritional requirements and constantly testing how to get the best out of my body's performance I have come to learn a hell of a lot when it comes to playing the long game for conditioning and caring for your canvas. This time and experience has revealed to me some solid foundations which are vital day in day out if you want to be in the best shape of your life 'all the time'

I am an expert and qualified in this field and have done the whole PT thing training 40+ sessions p/week in gyms etc. I now enjoy training/ challenging myself and I'm always finding the new stimulus that will help me progress. The discipline and consistency it takes to progress and maintain high a quality body composition has branched off to serve me in other areas of my life, business, finances etc. It all started here. With the body and what an opportunity we have as humans to execute and practice these disciplines on ourselves. I encourage you to start here and watch what unfolds in the years to follow. The initial physique goal will become the bi-product of a more fulfilling deeper assignment. You will develop two things through this. A strong, resilient and aesthetically pleasing physique and more importantly as you will find out along the way an even stronger mindset!

"Your body is the work of art and the foundation for personal growth" - Daniel Meffan

Let's get started.

Utilise time

"Time passes regardless, Set aside the in-between now and then with some personal progress. Set yourself four weeks to really know yourself and build momentum for the rest of your life."