Goal Extraction Method

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How to use the Goal Extraction Method:

This method is something I have used for years and picked it up off an old mentor named Brian Tracy. He is one of the original motivational public speakers, and has some very practical ways of doing things and bringing out an individuals potential. 

Basically you write down one single goal and then proceed to write down 20 ways in which you need to go about achieving that goal. It starts off relatively easy but then after the first 10 you need to really dig deep and this will help you reveal some blocks, perhaps you're getting in your own way? This process will help you get to the bottom and uncover that. Do this with no distractions. Phone away, just you and your pen and see what obstacles really reveal themselves and challenge yourself with ways on how you can break through them.

This is a FREE product, so feel free to download as many as you like and do one for each of your goals. Some great goal topics to start with are: Financial goals, Health, Happiness, Purpose, Sporting, Business, How to be the best at your craft etc. Anything that resonates with you and your path.

Remember to set follow up dates and check in with yourself and read them again every month, week, daily - whatever you need to stay on track!


"Just 10 minutes a week - the best short-term investment for your future self. Start now and thank yourself later. I certainly have"